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“Harmony is eating and resting, sleeping and waking: balance in all you do. This is the path to peace.”


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Yoga for Happiness in 2021!

Zoom Yoga Classes restart from

Monday 4th January

As we celebrate moving into the New Year 2021 it's great
to focus on the new-found strengths we've forged by progressing through the many challenges of 2020. 
Well done! You made it!

It's a good time too to consider our boundaries - whether in terms of finding personal space within our own homes, when 'distancing' whilst out and about or loving ourselves enough to say 'no' to others' demands on our time and energy.

Yoga can help us form and maintain healthy boundaries, enabling us to feel our own strengths - and be stronger happier, more independent versions of ourselves this New Year.

Whilst it's disappointing Wolverhampton remains is now is tier 4 (so no indoor classes), this won't be forever and Yoga is a powerful life-tool wherever we practice.

For now Yoga classes are offered on Zoom only
and your first session is completely FREE!

Please get in touch by email to receive your free link at
(See timetable below)

Let's hope we can get back to indoor classes soon!
For the time being, classes at Christ Church Tettenhall Wood, Penn URC, Newhampton Arts Centre and Church of the Holy Cross Bilbrook are paused.

Yoga sessions outdoors will be starting in the
Spring of 2021 at Himley Hall Grounds.

Zoom Yoga Timetable:


10 - 11 am Gentle morning stretch
8.15 - 9.15 pm Wind-Down Beginner level Yoga
6 - 7.15 pm Mixed ability Hatha Yoga
9.30 - 10.30 am Beginners Hatha Yoga
6.30 - 7.45 pm Dynamic Hatha Yoga

After your initial free sessions, further sessions will cost £7 each or £36 for 6 sessions within an 8-week period.

January Zoom Yoga Special Offer:
£60 for up to 3 zoom sessons per week for 6 weeks

For more information contact Caroline 07748300481

The next 8-week
Yoga for Beginners Course

(covid-guidelines permitting)

Starts March 23rd 2021
7.45 - 8.45 pm
at Christ Church Tettenhall Wood

This 8-week course will teach you all you need to know about yoga, breathing exercises and meditation and will include hand-outs on the specific benefits of the yoga poses.

£56 for the full 8-week course
(Or £9 per individual lesson)

Book early to avoid disappointment

Contact Caroline to book a place
or for more information:

Daytime Yoga Classes are paused until we come out of tier 3 - hopefully soon!
Please join us on Zoom until we can
meet again in person :-)

One-to-One Zoom Yoga
tailored to your individual needs
from £40/lesson

Many of us are finding our lives are becoming ever more complicated, filled with so much of the hustle and bustle of everyday life that we are craving an experience of Peace.

YogaZone classes aim to bring you back to basics, to detoxify your life through re-connecting with your body and it’s wisdom.

Regular Yoga practice helps us re-connect with our deeper nature, so we gain a clearer perspective, understand what is important, what we want and don’t want in our lives.

See YOGA CLASSES page for full timetable.

To book places or for more information
contact Caroline:
01902 471775

Caroline is a full-time qualified and insured Yoga instructor and has been teaching Yoga in and around Wolverhampton for 18 years.
Classes are friendly, relaxed and down-to-earth.

Yoga is a gentle yet powerful tool for releasing tension from your body, mind and soul. Regular yoga practice becomes a tool for re-aligning ourselves with our happy, healthful centres. Because our lives are busy and full of distractions, we easily become tired, jarred and dis-eased. Studies have shown yoga practice to be an effective method for combating a wide variey of health issues from back pain to insomnia, from anxiety and depression to heart disease, diabetes and obesity.

Under the guidance of a qualified Yoga teacher in a relaxed friendly setting learn to use Yoga poses, breathing exercises and meditaiton to come home to the place within yourself that Knows.

Leave the class feeling refreshed, energised and re-balanced. Take a fresh look at your life!

It is a commitment at YogaZone to provide a high quality service with value for money.

For more information on any classes
see next page or contact Caroline:

07748300481; 01902 471775